International Rescue Group's mission

Support and disaster response to coastal and island communities - by sea.


IRG has been awarded the GuideStar Exchange Gold Seal, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.


International Rescue Group is a Public Benefit Non-profit Corporation.

510-463-4IRG (510-463-4474)


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Support and disaster response to coastal and island communities - by sea.

IRG now operational with two vessels in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico fleet.

TANDEMEER and our new 97' ketch THUNDERBIRD 5 - just completed our 2nd mission Haiti in aid of orphanages and clinics with supplies. 

Would you like to crew on a 97' yacht over 1,400 miles? Help us transit Thunderbird 5 from the Caribbean back to Florida for our 3rd Haiti relief resupply voyage!

PACIFIC AMERICAS: IRG has established a permanent base in Acapulco (Mexico Pacific) with a disaster relief boat. Need a captain and crew to take over THUNDERBIRD 1.

Enrolling crew and medical professionals, Click here to apply.

Google employees are now donating to IRG! Google gave us a $250,000 AdWords Grant, now we have been registered in Google's internal donations platform.


-- Medical professionals, come join us on our boats for 1, 3 or 6 months.

-- Join the IRG Reserve and use your own boat in disaster relief missions in your area. See SAIL MAGAZINE article "Cruisers to the Rescue"!

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Thunderbird 5

97' Dutch built steel gaff-rigged ketch
Jul 11


Findacrew donates a premium account so that IRG can find great crew, thank you Kylie!

Fortress Anchors have given us their FX-125, the largest anchor they make. This baby has 27,000 pounds of holding power, enough to take Thunderbird 5 through a hurricane in a good anchorage! Click here for more information.

Great Circle Systems provided Thunderbird 5 with fantastic software that manages our ship's operations, thank you!

Unbelievable! Trojan donated a huge bank of L16 batteries to Thunderbird 5, we're overwhelmed...

Spencer Boat Company of Miami helped us with haulout and yard space so that we could rebuild Tandemeer's rudder!

Tandemeer's "heads" were suffering being 34 years old with very little service - so Groco did a total rebuild of our awesome Model K toilets - like new! Thank you John Cly!

The wizards at Nobeltec have made it possible for us to navigate the Caribbean by donating electronic charts for our vessel Thunderbird 5 - we are VERY happy we won't get lost!

HawkEye gave us a very nice depth sounder for Thunderbird 2, just in time!

Peterson Power of San Leandro are stars - they donated a bank of batteries for Thunderbird 2's solar power system - thank you!!

Eastwood gave us a new torch for our MIG welder after the old one died. They didn't have to...

Forespar contributed all the Marelon seacocks for Thunderbird 2! Perfect for a steel boat.

The paint companies are really coming through for us! Rustoleum have donated enough anti-fouling paint for Thunderbird 4.

EA Wilcox, local to us in the San Francisco Bay Area, have donated primer suitable for Thunderbird 2's steel hull, perfect timing!

SHURflo, lovely folks, sent us a macerator pump to deal with Thunderbird 2's sanitation system.

Rule Pumps have sent us four beautiful bilge pumps, but went the extra 10 miles and included all the hose and thru-hull fittings as well!

International Paint have offered us a donation of much-needed antifouling paint! 

Centek have offered Vernalift exhaust systems for Thunderbird 2, a vital part of our green diesel-electric propulsion system, you are stars!

Thank you so much NovaFlex, for your fabulous donation of exhaust hose that would have broken our budget!

Richard and Susan Countess of Pierpont Bay Yacht Club, thank you so much for your club's warm welcome and your personal donation!

James Jensen, thank you for your Bristol 30 donation, a wonderful coastwise-worthy boat designed by Herreshoff, we'll name Thunderbird 3. Looking for a small crew to man this boat on her 3-year mission!

Danny and Marilyn of Grass Valley - for donating nearly 1,000 pounds of lead for Thunderbird 2's ballast, plus smelter and ingot former! Thank you so much.

Spinlock USA - you are champs! Thank you for the top-of-the-line PFDs to help Thunderbird 2's crew be safe.

BenQ Solar - thank you, thank you for the wonderful array of solar panels!! Thunderbird 2 will be independent of diesel fuel for day-to-day operations and watermaking - even some short-range electric propulsion!! Click here to see what we installed.

Outback Power - we can't enthuse enough about the MPPT Charge Controllers you sent us. With the 1.5 kilowatt solar panels from BenQ Solar and your brilliant devices, we can run our watermaker up to 250 gallons PER DAY, enough to sustain a village of 1000 survivors after a coastal disaster! Click here to see what we installed.

Rock Wall Wine Company, Alameda Point, California: Rock Wall were a fantastic contributor to our Launch Fundraiser Event. As a local company on Alameda Point, IRG would like to encourage all our members to go and visit!

Wayne Goldman and Harriet Scannon, who donated T2's fabulous twin-drive diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system!

Derinda Gaumond of - We've known Derinda for years and she's a real event planning professional and leading our Launch Fundraiser Event! is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier calendar to find local events for business, technology and more.

Aaron Cushman "The Rev", master metalworker volunteer helping build T2 and some great contributions to the cause.

Carl Nelson, Nelson's Marine, Alameda Point, California, for invaluable advice and support in many ways, including a beautiful painting for our Launch Fundraiser Event Silent Auction!

Rene Pittet, for beautiful carpentry and building two cabins for our crew

Matt Murfin (Mad Machinist Matt McMurfin), volunteer helping build T2

Gwyn Jones, longstanding volunteer over months, recently building T2's electrical system

Robin Jones, longstanding volunteer over months, recently building T2's electrical system

Dale and Wendy Bagnell, volunteers who have contributed cash and equipment and helped build T2

Carl Kelley, our first and most regular volunteer who has helped build T2

Jack Li, who has helped build T2 and has been working on her hydrostatics and stability calculations

Jenni Hecker, who has done an amazing job getting contributions for our Launch Fundraiser!

Liz Hughes, IRG's creative manager who designed our logos, brochures etc!

Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly from Back to the Future Parts II and III)

Sean Matthews, for longstanding support from our earliest days!

Walnut Creek Yacht Club

Gates Worldwide, who stepped in on an urgent basis and provided much needed and expensive belt drive components to connect our electric motors to the propeller shafts.

Lunardi's Market, Danville, California

Fontanella Family Winery

William Dobbs, IRG's Phuket Commodore who contributed boxes of IRG Polos and T-shirts!

Dan Peachey, IRG's IT and Board of Directors member

Tim Webber, IRG Board of Directors

Steve Kahlich, IRG Board of Directors

Leslie Frank, a new volunteer - please come back and help more!

Tammy Cameron, who has done a fantastic job of soliciting for contributions!

Jerome Phillips, a long-time supporter and donor, musician for our Launch Fundraiser Event

Aaron Bronson of SmartPlug, who donated much needed shorepower cables and connectors.

Strictly Sail Pacific - IRG have a nonprofits booth in the April 12-15th show, Jack London Square, Oakland, California!

Latitude 38, the best sailing magazine in the world!

Group Delphi, another Alameda Point company supporting IRG with recycled materials including plywood and carpeting, vital to build Thunderbird 2's cabins.

Alice Wang, a long-time supporter and donor.

Kate Hu, individual contributor.

West Marine and Boat US jointly donated free Vessel Assist for a year.

Sandy de Montille, a new volunteer.

John Chang, who donated badly needed VHF handhelds.

George and Jen Van Treeck, for so much encouragement and help in the last 18 months.

Al Bening, who donated badly needed tools to help us build T2.


IRG membership and donations

Access to this online community is free. Please Sign Upinvite your friends and join the conversations!

International Rescue Group is a 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Nonprofit organization and your donations can be applied against US taxes.

You can also donate marine equipment or donate a boat that we can use for missions.


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