I am in contact with the IDA Foundation, a non-profit organization that supplies high quality medical supplies to organizations like the WHO and the Clinton Foundstion. They produce the Interagency Emergency Medical Kit and I am in the process of procuring the price of the kits to help establish goals for fundraising.

I'd like to try the Indiegogo thing, like Sean suggested. They give a 25 percent discount off their platform use fee for 501 (c)(3) organizations. Anyone have any experience running a campaign with this group?

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Wow, I've been trying to contact the UN and WHO, and neither have bothered to get back to me! Now you've found a source for IEHKs... For those who haven't heard of them, these are medical kits that come in six 1 metre cubed boxes that allow a doctor and nurse to support, with basic supplies, up to 10,000 survivors. 

None of our people at IRG have ever run an Indiegogo campaign. I see Sean copied us some links and information about how to design a campaign. If you'd like to have a go at it, I'd be delighted! We are a 501(c)(3) so should be able to get their discounts. What do they charge?



Just received a form back from IDA Foundation that I need to fill in and send back to them so they can see if they can sell to us. Frankly, I so no impediments to it, but I will keep you abreast of my communications with them. These are the guys who sell to the big guys like the WHO. I am anxious to obtain the cost point on their IEHKs as I think this will be useful in a fundraising campaign. First of all, though we need to get Tandameer in service with a specific campaign for her.
Indiegogo charges 501 (c)(3) organizations 7 percent if the goal is reached and 10.75 percent if the goal is not reached. What are your feelings on this?
Hi David, now I see you and Rebecca here, thanks for posting and following up with this. I have not done an indiegogo campaign before but let's figure out how to make it work. Would we use to raise funds for Tandemeer rudder repair or for medical supply kits or both?

Hi Sequoia, we're looking at two different campaigns - Tandemeer to be made ready as an operational asset that you of course are VERY interested in, the other more general medical disaster readiness.

Got it, two campaigns makes sense.

I just sent you guys an email regarding this thought. I don't think we need to see Tandemeer becoming operational and the medical kits as two separate campaigns, they are both essentials for the vessel completing its next mission to Haiti.

Dr. David Luethcke now has a quotation for two IEHKs for IRG to pre-position in Florida and Haiti on standby for disaster relief operations during emergency. Basically these are mobile hospital kits that have enough supplies for a doctor and a nurse to care for a population of 10,000 people for 3 months. That means the Haiti kit would be within 4-5 days reach of most locations in the Caribbean, and the Florida kit about the same response time within the Gulf of Mexico.

We will be launching a fundraising campaign soon to acquire these IEHK kits and pay for storage.

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