CREW: January-April 2015 Caribbean Voyage

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Our GlobalStar satellite phone number is +1 863-203-7077. People can send a text BUT KEEP IT TO 40 CHARACTERS OR LESS. Melissa, could you try sending a text? My rubbish phone won't do it for some reason.

We'll try to keep it on switched on all the time, but if you use it, please note that it costs $1 per minute and you have to feed the contributions box if you use it on outgoing or incoming calls - have any information available ready so there's no delay. It's only a handheld and it's possible that it won't work in the cockpit through the roof, we may have to collect messages by standing on the foredeck every day. If people leave a voice message ($1 per minute too!), PLEASE tell them to keep it short and leave their name and number because inbound numbers are withheld on our phone.

Our crew are as below, for the first leg to the Bahamas.

You can see our position at any time at this link

This is the Thunderbird 5 Web Page on IRG's site which links to most of the above information.

Our itinerary is here. Please note that we are late in starting but because the Rum Cay resort vessel has offered us a free power tow to Rum Cay, we'll be right back on itinerary again from 25th January! Please forward this link to anyone who might be interested in chartering with us!!


Still awaiting some contributions. Billy and I will do the main bulk of shopping in the next couple of days before departing.


The Captain


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Comment by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG on January 17, 2015 at 1:09pm


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