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Sourcing (* = desirable, ** = vital)

  1. ** Roll-up inflatable dinghy or small rigid dinghy, with oars
  2. * Outboard motor
  3. * Solar panel 
  4. * Watermaker (about 35 gallons/day) 
  5. * Wheel autopilot or wind pilot (like the Scanmar Monitor)
  6. ** Discovered that the Garmin GPSmap 188 is also a depthsounder! It looks like we can buy transducers for somewhere between $50 - $120.
  7. This is a great portable depth sounder that may be cheaper than replacing existing display. (NOTE that a whole new instrument would require a haul-out and hang that costs an extra $400. Click to see my friend Chuck Hawley of West Marine reviewing this Norcross Marine H22PX Handheld Depth Sounder. Personally, I would be entirely comfortable with this depth sounder, but it's the Captain's decision on whether this is acceptable for this cruise - Captain Ray)
  8. ** 2x weathercloths with IRG logo and boat name printed
  9. Buy 2 spare 32" 3/8" alternator belts

Punch list

  1. Instrument replacements needed (display heads): * a. Horizon Standard Quartz Speed Log, and  b. Datamarine Corinthian Series S-200 DL Depth
  2. ** Rebuild galley fresh water tap
  3. ** Reinstall fresh water pump (provided)
  4. * Wash out fresh water tanks with chlorine solution
  5. * Stiffen forward bunk "V" insert with custom-made angle-iron (metal and tools all aboard Thunderbird 2)
  6. * Diagnose and repair wind instruments SIGNET Windpoint and Windspeed
  7. ** Rebuild or replace lazarette manual bilge pump
  8. ** Replace broken navigation lights switch
  9. ** Fill diesel tank, about 15 gallons
  10. ** Fill and transfer one of Thunderbird 2's propane tanks, test stove and gas sniffer solenoid system
  11. ** Open out all bagged sails and test running rigging, leave unneeded sails on Thunderbird 2

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Other things I see:

- Make sure we got all paperwork needed for boat and crew

- Update manually maps we have in the boat

- Change the name on the boat

- Have a First Aid \ CPR training for the crew

Today, I cleaned the interior of the boat: oven, cold box, toilet, floor. Three little things to repair (or not):

- one pan holder on the oven

- the door of a cabinet in the toilet

- a trap in the floor

We will have to buy a propane tank because we have none for the oven.

I also tested the sump pump and it is working.

Finally, I removed the former name of the boat on the haul.

Next step for me will be to take everything out of every locker and make a list so we can decide together what we really need and make place for food, dishes, first aid kit and personnal stuff of the crew. Hope you travel light!

Progress! Captain Jack, when you have your first crew briefing, make sure everyone knows they should only bring a foldable duffel bag or equivalent. There is definitely NO room for suitcases, and apart from the clothes you wear to travel to the yacht, you should just have Ts, you can wear layers, I recommend dark coloured underwear, a good hat with retainer clips. Leather topsider nonskid boat shoes will smell less than canvas (!)

Stuff to add to our list:

- Check out all the seacock and make sure valves are working

- Get a kit of wooden plugs

- Make sure the emergency tiller is working

 Tested the emergency tiller this morning: working

Will replace alternator belt tomorrow and get the retention tank pumped out

Good job Evelyne for getting a good start on the repair list.  Any crew has any dietary restrictions.  I eat pretty much anything except for milk products.

Some little new things to do that we found while inventoring the boat:

- one clip for the table is broken so one side of it will clab while the boat rock

- The swimming ladder is torn in a way thatt the clip don'y clip. Can be bothering while trying to sleep and it bang.

- Check out all light bulb

- Locate every thruhaul

And the CF number is erased on the bow

In addition to stuff I already wrote in the Security discussion, here is a list of the priorities as I see it today:


- Look at every extra sail we have and choose witch to bring

- Get proper blocks, sheets (guy) and rigging accessories for the spinnakker (including a ring or a hook to put on the rail on the fromt mast to put the pole)

- Install dephtsounder properly

- Repair wind direction instrument

- Update our maps


- Buy at least 2 extra belt for the alternator (size 32)

- Figure out extra pieces we might need for the engine

- Find a proper place for our tools kit

- sponge oil from the bildge and make sure the repair Ray made on the oil tank pipe is ok

Life aboard:

- Change water pump

- Repait water tap system

- Clean water tank

- Fill propane tank

- Test propane stove and sniffer system

Today, Ray filled the propane tank and the good news is that the stove and sniffer system is working!

I bought two spare alternator belt and I painted a second coat on the bow so we now have our IRG official lettering and yellow stripe !!! Jessy will paint the other side tomorrow, just in time for the party!

We will also work on the water pump, tap and tank tomorrow and hoppefully will test the spinnakker while sailing to the party on sunday! I'm so excited!

I can't wait to see the new IRG paint job on the bows! She's looking all "official"... If Jesse can complete the painting by tomorrow evening, we'll look good for the Sunday BBQ fundraiser.



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