All confirmed crew of Thunderbird 1 should join this Group and introduce themselves in a COMMENT to this Discussion. Please include information about yourself to help the captain know a little about you (especially if you haven't met yet because of geographical distances). You don't need to say anything confidential, that could be in a private message to the captain, such as any medical issues he needs to know about.

Such things as your sailing experience, dietary considerations, if you can cook, what you hope to personally gain from this experience, if you have a medical background, languages etc. are all helpful.


Captain Ray

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Hi. I'm a french canadian from Quebec city who got really excited about this project and just took a few month break from my bartender job to fly in and see how I could help. I volunteer here, working on the haul of Thunderbird 2 few days a week since august 26 and at the same time, try to go sailing on the Bay on every occasion I got. My sailing experience is quite good, but no offshore. I sailed with my father on fresh water since I'm a kid. I taught sailing to kids at a summer camp 10 years ago. I daysailed and raced a little on the St-Lawrence River for two summer with Vieux-Port Yachting, essentially as a first mate. I learned navigation skills with Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons and also got my VHF radio operator certification. I cruised for a week in St-Martin (West Indies) with Les Blanchons last winter.

I'm a vegetarian and can cook really good vegan food. I'm open to eat fish while sailing though. I do understand spanish very well and I'm able to speak it when in a spanish environment. My first language is french though so I'm learning again all the sailing vocabulary in english.

I'm really excited in the groups mission and glad to participate. Moreover, I'm looking for offshore experience to eventually be able to become a skipper myself. I think that this journey to Cabo San Lucas will be full of challenges and full of fun too!

I'm Jenni.  I have been involved with IRG for almost a year now.  I have been working on sourcing cash and boat donations.  Previously I worked as a Spanish teacher/translator and once upon a time ago, in a DC NGO and law firm.  My sailing experience is limited, but I am a big time traveler.  

I am also a vegetarian, but I will be eating fish while on water, which will be a huge adjustment for me. I am looking forward to the sail to Baja, but I am even more excited about traveling to Asia and running our missions.  My goal is to help IRG grow into an internationally recognized non-profit with funding to bring food and water to tens or hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 

Hello Crew,

I am Jack Li (Captain Jack as some called me). I'll be in charge of delivery Thunderbird 1 to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I will join up with Thunderbird 2 when she gets to Mexico.  I have been sailing since 1995 with experience on various sailing dingies and keelboats.  Places I have sailed include the Great Lakes, Cheasepeake Bay, South Florida, and SF Bay.  I also also taught basic sailing for 3 summers and lived on a 75-foot sailing yacht for 2 months.  I really look forward to sailing long distance to San Diego and joining up with the Baja Haha rally.  If you have any special needs while crewing with IRG, please let me know now so we can be all prepared.

Capt. Jack

Hello Crew,

Matthew Here. Sailing since before i was born. Parents actually met in a sailing near miss on Lake St. Clair. Cut my teeth racing a Tornado. I am a decent cook, diet restricts sugar and most carbs, a lot of fun when i'm out in the sun and very mechanical. Plumbing, rigging, electrical, mechanical, machining and more i can do blindfolded. Carpentry and Fiberglass/epoxy work is also easy. Last i was on the Baha Haha, '97, i had to rebuild the motor in San Diego, blew a head gasket coming from San Francisco. Something clogged the water intake before we knew it.  Co-owned and raced an ultralight Wilie Wabbit for years on the bay. Crewed on many other races/keelboats. Have made the haul up and down the coast a few times, and a few weeks between the windward islands.

Hello Matthew,

I can't answer for Captain Jack and he's travelling right now and out of touch. But if the timing works for you, it sounds like you could earn your berth to Cabo by helping us complete the punch list before departure. The biggest problem right now is the alternator seems to have packed up - or it could be just a wiring problem, and the freshwater tanks, galley sink tap and pump need commissioning...


Captain Ray



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