I was looking at the size of your big Perkins Diesel engine.  Is your bow hatch big enough to get the motor into the boat?  How will you move it around inside the hull to get it positioned correctly? Do you have the motor mounts designed yet?

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Hi Dale,

The plan was to cut a bigger stern hatch and drop the big 35-year-old Perkins diesel engine in, then moving it with a welded track on blocks and tackles.

But everything has recently changed! International Rescue Group has received a donation of a twin-drive Glacier Bay OSSA Powerlite diesel-electric hybrid system!!!! Please excuse all the exclamation points, but I'm still totally beside myself contemplating this incredible development. I'm looking forward to making announcements about this soon.

In this brand new system, the DC electric drives are each powered by an independent generator. Both these generators can be positioned ANYWHERE in the boat, so the obvious choice is the cargo bay, which already has a cargo hatch big enough to get everything into. The plan is to install both drives and propeller shafts midships on either side of the keel, and plonk the generators down in the hold temporarily. Then the entire system can be tested during sea trials after launch, during which we'll try various diameter and pitch of propellers until we get the optimum propulsion, maybe after some pitch work on the props, which may entail a few haul-outs.

Then, we can start working on the vessel's trim, and finally weld down mounts for both generators once we have it nailed. Each generator is close to 1000 pounds, so it could make quite a big difference. I'm also hoping to put in a huge battery bank that will give an hour's propulsion before kicking in the generators, which will mean docking and maneuvering could be a silent affair. Of course, the "holistic" system should be a lot more efficient than the previously planned approach. I love the "get-you-home" twin redundancy too. Here are pictures of the generators and motors:

The system comes with touch screen controls, so in the pilothouse it's going to look like the USS Enterprise! As you can imagine, with enclosed modern generators, it will be very quiet, especially with the noisy bits way forward in the hold, and the DC motors being whisper silent! The quality of life for the crew will be a major improvement, because in the previous configuration the engine shared the aft part of the boat with all three sleeping cabins. Long distance cruising to rescue stations will be amazing.





Wow .This is an amazing development. This will be a state of the art propulsion system. Very quiet, very much in keeping with a sailing vessel. If you could put in a big battery bank as you propose, maybe a number of golf cart batteries and feed the system with wind and solar as well you will have the ultimate "green machine"!  Good for you!

You might want to sell your 2 Perkins Diesels. Looks like you won't need them anymore!

Best Regards,


I already sold the Perkins for $1,500 each as a matched pair, as-is! That should pay for shipping the new hybrid system from Vietnam, where it's lying in a warehouse.

Definitely a battery bank is planned. As the system is a 240 volt DC bus though, to avoid a very big inverter/controller the only thing I can think of is a bank of 12V batteries in series, I calculated at low cruising speed lead-acids (which are cheapest) would be about $4,000 for one hour of propulsion, not too bad and they would provide huge house energy storage as well, so that the generators won't have to be run too often at anchor.



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