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HURRICANE IRMA and MARIE RESPONSE: Click here for our GoFundMe fundraiser. Looking for boats to take supplies to locations in need in the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands, Dominica, Puerto Rico etc. We can source water filters for you and have coordination teams in the disaster zones to welcome and support you. Even arriving weeks after the storm's devastation, help is still desperately needed! Please sign in and introduce yourself, your location and where you can pick up supplies.


We provide:

  • A warm welcome and support with security, advice and equitable distribution of supplies, and help your volunteers at your destination.
  • Advice on secure destinations.
  • En-route weather information if you have Garmin inReach.
  • Support for fundraising to buy supplies that are hard to obtain in the disaster zones and cash to spend in your destination. Cash helps stimulate the local economies.
  • IRG has some warehousing in Florida with supplies to be picked up, and our IRG Commodores in St. Lucia and other islands close to disaster zones can help with supplies and donations.
  • Support with your clearance documentation.
  • 1 hour phone discussion to help you with your aid voyage plan.

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your boat! Do you have a co-captain? Let's hear about where you are located, your cruising plans, what kind of missions you envision getting involved with and where, your range, etc.

The IRG Reserve are cruisers all around the world who believe in International Rescue Group's Mission and would like to contribute to humanitarian aid and and do their part in times of emergency. Using our global text messaging and email network, when we respond to disasters, we will alert the whole network and especially IRG Reserve Boats in the area.

People like IRG Reserve Captains Dale Bagnell (Moonshadow, San Francisco), Jan Kanafoski (Schooner in Acapulco), Pastor and Captain Raymond Bideaux in Haiti and Gringo Ben (Caribbean) are ready to pick up medical supplies, take on staple foods and even anchor off a disaster zone and make water. Even 250 gallons per day can provide clean drinking water for up to 1,000 people in emergencies!

If you are within sailing distance, IRG will direct you to a coastal town near you -warehouses and hospitals - where you can pick up supplies for free, and transport the vital goods to survivors. Even if you are 2 weeks or more away from a disaster zone, your help may be needed even more than the next day... especially if you are arriving with a big bag of antibiotics! If donations allow it, we'll even pay for your fuel.

Location: Worldwide
Members: 35
Latest Activity: Nov 24, 2017


Roofing materials
Roofing screws
Generators (5kva to 10kva)
Chainsaws with cans, oil, fuel
Communications equipment
Tarps/Plastic sheeting
Hygiene kits/Comfort kits
Medical supplies
Baby supplies (formula/baby food)
Adult pampers
Water purification kits / water filters
Energy biscuits
Portable stoves
Solar lanterns
Kitchen sets
Collapsible water containers (gallon)
As of September 22, 2017

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Sailboat in Washington state looking to pick up supplies and bring help to virgin islands/ areas affected by hurricanes irma and mariah

Started by Ronald James Peck Nov 5, 2017. 0 Replies

Hi,We're a 65 ft sailboat with a crew of 6-8 people currently in Seattle area soon (end of November) to be heading down the west coast towards the Caribbean. We're looking to pick up relief/building…Continue

Tags: virginislands, hurricanenrelief

volunteer vessel w/captain

Started by Nathan Mayo. Last reply by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG Oct 8, 2017. 12 Replies

I'll be heading down from south carolina to florida at the end of the month on my caliber 47.  Then can help bahamas, cuba, haiti, or jaimaca mid october.  I can make 320 gallon of drinking water a…Continue

Escapade headed to Florida

Started by Joseph Hunter Vinarcsik Sep 25, 2017. 0 Replies

Hi my name is Joe and my dad's name is John Vinarcsik.  We plan on sailing our 50 foot sailboat from Houston, Texas to Florida in a week.  We intend on assisting with relief operations as soon as we…Continue

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Comment by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG on September 18, 2017 at 1:19pm

Hi Jennifer, 

What s your voyage plan? From where you are the choice is to jump straight off to the Virgin Islands, or the most common plan I've seen over the past few years is to sail to Florida and jump off through the Bahamas. If you choose the latter, we have a fantastic meeting point in Hollywood with great free and unharrassed anchoring close to a dinghy dock and lots of ICW shops, entertainment, bars and restaurants all with dinghy access. One restaurant allows us to use their dock for multiple boats to bring in vans to load cargo, we turn it into a local event.

Here is the latest list of materiel required (this may change as we get more intelligence from the ground).

Captan Ray

Comment by Jennifer on September 18, 2017 at 11:16am

We are heading down from Savannah, GA in our 39' monohull. Hoping to shove off November 1st.  We have space to take supplies.  Please let me know how/where to get any supplies that may be available in the area.  I am working to gather supplies on my own as well, but will likely still have space available.  We also plan to hang around in the Caribbean and assist with the rebuilding efforts.  



Comment by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG on October 7, 2016 at 8:48am

Welcome Captain Bamba, what size is your watermaker? If you can make a few thiusand litres a day, that could make a big difference in some coastal communities,even weeks after, because of contaminated water supplies. In Ile a Vache, for example, all the 100 cisterns have been demolished and the wells contaminated. There is a good chance of cholera and other medical problems. On Thunderbird 5 we can stand off and make 6,000 litres a day, which is the UN emergency standard of drinking water for 3,000 people. He island can use help in rebuilding cisterns and I can put you in touch with the water management group, all volunteers. Also, thir water taxi fleet to the mainland is amost wiped out. Food and water deliveries from Les Cayes could be a big deal, it is only 10km!

Comment by Andy Bamba on October 7, 2016 at 6:30am
Good Morning Everybody,

My Name is Capt. Bamba and since a couple of years, I live on a 45ft Cruising Catamaran from 1968 together with my Wife Joanna, two dogs and a cat. Currently, we are located in Luperon, making the boat ready to go. I am a Delivery Captain and Joanna works with Babys and Kids as Nanny and Teacher. We speak German, english and a bit spanish. We live on a very low budget, but we are wondering if there is a way for us to help.

We have a Watermaker and some more survival Gear on bord, lot of Space for people or Material. So soon as the boat is ready, we could sail there within 2-3 days I guess. We don't have a proper idea how we could help. But if there is a way - we will cancel our plans and go to Haiti.

May God have merci with this people.

Capt. Bamba
S/V Bamba Maru
Comment by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG on October 6, 2016 at 5:50pm

Hello Neil, just writing your message is the beginning, and please do sign in on the ITG Reserve, which is a forum for private boats to join our Reservist fleet. Because communications are vital, members and IRG can discuss issues.

Also there is a Hurricane Matthew logistics page that is coming together here:

Regards, Captain Ray

Comment by Neil Davies on October 6, 2016 at 5:26pm


Good to hear that IRG is responding.  I think it would be very helpful if you could offer members some more guidance on how they can help.  For instance, we are currently located in the northern Gulf (Pensacola area), and I am still working.  For us to mobilize to Haiti in our boat during hurricane season would be difficult and expensive at best.  If there is a plan to mobilize in stages (and after hurricane season), that is more of a possibility.  Similarly, if there is anything we can do to volunteer locally or for a few days somewhere.....or a financial donation?  Also, I suspect many members, like us are members of social media groups, yacht clubs etc.  If we were to set up something like a Patreon page, maybe we could ask members to spread the word among friends and see what donations we could raise.  I think people are willing to support financially - but it has to be simple to do - 3 clicks.  Let me know what you think - I would be happy to help more.


S/V Midnight Sun II

Comment by Captain Ray Thackeray, IRG on October 6, 2016 at 5:11pm

Welcome Andy, please tell us about yourself. Fair winds, Captain Ray

Comment by Dale A. Bagnell on August 18, 2014 at 9:16am

Good morning from the SF Bay. It's good to see some of the discussion among reserve Captains. I wanted to respond to a few of the subjects that have come up...

- How to get the word out?  Maybe we need to send an article to some of the sailing organizations to introduce ourselves like Seven Seas or Boat US.

-Sign up procedure- Maybe we need to formalize the sign-up procedure a little bit with more detail on the boat and her capabilities i.e. watermaker, SSB, Dr. on board, mechanic, electrician, etc.

-Cruiser Profile- I personally would be interested in understanding more about the IRG Captains- Why do you cruise? What are your passion?  On Moonshadow we are seeking an education to learn more about our world , the unique cultures to be found and to understand where we fit in the grand scheme of things. If we can do a little good along the way by supporting IRG , so much the better

Comment by John O Duke on August 18, 2014 at 7:34am

Hello Ray

Of course we are always standing by.

A few thoughts, people with boats are not always available at that time when other things are going on in their lives, be it boat problems, personal issues, and most of all the fire that is needed to get up and go at that ''moment'' needed most.

I would hope I could put aside my life , job, and commitments at that most important time when one boat can make a difference.

Keep doing what you are doing  and when the time comes ''shout out'' for any flotilla needed.

Comment by ben on August 18, 2014 at 6:23am

Ray wrote, ¨there have been so few signups of active cruising boats. Are we doing something wrong? Are cruisers so independent that they reject connecting? Do we need an expensive advertising budget to get the word out? Are we too impatient? Why don't the sailing magazines write something about this? What have we missed?!¨

Perhaps I could suggest some issues. I heard of IRG before I had a boat, sounded like there was potential, I was interested. Since I got my boat I´ve been less convinced of the concept. I have remained interested but done little about it. For example, signing up as a reservist - it is not clear how we do this. The text on this page says sign up here but this is a forum and these are comments. It doesnt seem appropriate. Is this really how people sign up, with an introduction here?



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