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21-Sep-15: Report from Dominica

Below is from Marilyn who resides in Prtsmouth, Dominica and who has supported two IRG affiliated boats to get supplies into the country with help from the local Rotary Club:


It was great to meet Mike and Jennifer of (S/V) Three Sheets - they arrived early on Friday morning, after some bad weather off St Lucia set them back a day.  Such a lovely couple and I hope I can meet up with them later in the season when they return here.
It was nice to get the supplies,…

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Disaster in Dominica - Tropical Storm Erika


IRG Reserve vessel S/V Bees Mej returned to our Caribbean base St. Lucia Saturday 5th Sept 3pm after difficult round trip with supplies to cut-off Portsmouth, Dominica. Debriefing this morning. IRG S/V Thunderbird 5 fully loaded 12 tons of supplies ready to sail when crew fly in Sunday 6th.

Read news from the devastation…


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How to raise funds within the IRG infrastructure

Here are ideas to help our supporters fundraise. I can give some examples of very successful fundraising by our members, including Melissa Fleming who did most of the below and within 24 hours raised US $1500 for our second Haiti mission earlier this year! If you have any other ideas, please do post them as comments to this blog.


Captain Ray



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Haiti still needs help - our last mission needs repeating!

I'm posting this message and photos (below) from the Caribbean Windward Islands. This is where we've ended up after IRG (International Rescue Group) has completed our largest operation so far - two boats plus partner vessels have delivered much needed supplies and help to children's safe-houses and clinics to the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti. We have also distributed a lot of recycled sails to…

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Round the world sailing boats complete circumnavigation

The World ARC fleet of sailboats has just crossed their outbound track and completed their circumnavigation today in St. Lucia. I'm here in Rodney Bay and 17 of the yachts arrived this afternoon, I was out in the dinghy to greet them as they all cruised past my boat which is anchored outside the marina.

I hope to engage the fleet tomorrow and ask them to join the IRG…


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Reflections on solitude

April 10th 2015: I'm Ray. Captain Ray to my volunteer crews who join me from time to time. Today I met a single-handed sailor who has been sailing his 80 year old wooden Bristol Channel Cutter out of Wales and after years is still sailing by himself. This morning he was bunkering some fuel and water and I waved him off to Antigua where he is going to participate in the classics yacht races. He's been sailing his boat around the Caribbean alone for years and appeared to be very happy about…


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New Crew and Volunteers

Every day new crew and volunteers are showing up to lend a hand, check us out, and sign up for sailing on legs of the voyage at various times over the winter. Steve, Ann, and DD came to visit from NYC on Friday to check out the boat and plan to return to help do prep work and sail later this winter, greeted by me, Willy and Ethan. Michael, Turid and Baranka stopped by on Saturday and said they will be back as well. Photo by DD Maucher

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Refitting Tandemeer in CT with gratitude and love to many volunteers

Lots of excellent and wonderful work has been getting done by many amazing and generous volunteers... Tandemeer is being refit and resurrected with abundant love and skill. Thank you all: Fix, Charlie, Ethan, John, Joe, Lucy, Greg, Lori, Pete, Willy, Laura and many others... love and gratitude abound.

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An epic dinghy ride of 245 miles down the ICW.

Last Saturday night I arranged a tow from someone who was driving from Philadelphia to Florida, over 1,100 miles, to get a much-needed donated 14' RIB and 40hp outboard motor to our 97' gaff-rigged ketch in Hollywood, FL. unfortunately by Sunday evening, we had blown and replaced one trailer tyre, a wheel bearing which we fixed, then found the other bearing was about ready to burn out. So 245 miles short of our destination, my lift was on a schedule elsewhere, so we managed to limp to…


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Tandemeer transmission

Though a fine vessel, of solid construction and noble seaworthiness, she requires a fair amount of attention to her systems and power plant. The unbreakable, the unwavering Ford Lehman 120 inline 6 cylinder has suffered a transmission failure. A failed transmission oil heat exchanger caused water to flood the gear housing thus ceasing the internal shaft bearing. Yesterday was spent removing the tranny components (photos to come). Cpt. Sequoia and Cpt. Ray, with the help of Fred Piasecki,…


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Visit My Blog - the Journey of S/V Midnight Sun II

Everything from sailing to the relocation of a lighthouse!

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A Call to Action to our Members

Dear Folks,

This is a bit long, but please read this through. It is extremely important.

As you know we have just completed a very successful mission to Haiti and demonstrated that we are capable of accomplishing great good and living up to our claim of being able to provide relief to those in need. The smiles on the faces of all those that received the aid we delivered was priceless and reinforced my belief that what we, as a group, are doing, is the right thing to…


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More pictures posted

Howdy Folks!

More pictures are posted on the IRG community drive here.

Take a look around. If you have more pics, upload them!

More later.



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BECALMED - delivering aid supplies to Haiti by sailboat.

April 6th 2014: We are northwest of the southern peninsula of Haiti lying within radar range south of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and drifting in the current in the direction of Port-au-Prince at less than a knot. They call this the "Windward Passage" and the irony isn't lost on us, as the only wind we can feel is when our boat rolls, even the flies that came with us from our last landfall seem to be too hot and lazy to dodge my swatter. We've had the sails up all night in the hope…


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Entry 3: A Documentary Filmmaker in Deep Water - Pun Very Much Intended

This is the Duece on Thunderbird 5 sailing past Cuba and desperately wishing we could anchor and have a quick visit!! OVER.

I had a heavy heart as we sailed south from the Bahamas and passed Cuba. I have been desperate to visit…


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Entry 2: A Documentary Filmmaker in Deep Water, Pun Very Much Intended

This is the Deuce on Thunderbird 5, trying not to be sick, trying not to break any bones and trying to remember the important reason we are all here! Over.

As we set off on my first proper sail, my 'wee brother' Scottie was playing Scotland the Brave on his bag pipes as we hoisted up the Saltire (Scottish flag) a moment I was dying to…


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Disaster strikes us?

I now have both crews aboard Thunderbird 5 as Tandemeer broke her rudder post webbing. She is out of commission until she can get hauled out and repaired. Anyone have a spare $10k laying around? Seriously, based on my years of experience working in boat yards as a contractor, it will cost at least that much to haul her, remove the rudder, cut the rudder open, scoop out the old foam from around the old rudderpost webbing, weld new webbing in place, re-foam, re-glass, re-paint and re-install.…


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Survival guide to first time girl boaters

Emma Arnoldi´s survival guide for first time girl boaters.

When living on a boat as a girl, there are a few things you want to remember.

That one shower a day, which might feel like a necessity in the Florida sun, is just not going to happen. On the upside you have the ocean as your backyard, and you can save money on that saltwater spray of yours. Salty waves will happen like magic.

Privacy in any kind, is as rare as gold.  I know you have…


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A sailing fairy-tale.

A sailing fairy-tale.

As I wrote in my last post, sailing have a way of never quiet going according to plan.  

Two things were wrong yesterday when Tandemeer left for the Bahamas. Number one, it was Friday. Leaving on a Friday is for a sailor what eating chocolate is for a girl on a diet; you just don’t do it.  

(Actually that is totally wrong, everybody knows that girls on diet eat chocolate, but still.)

And then there was number two, which might…


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Storm and a goodbye.

The day after the storm.

I woke up this morning with the waves banging against the boat side as my soundtrack. This is our final day in Miami, if everything goes according to the plan. Which I have learned that when it comes to sailing, it rarely does.

Yesterday I experienced my first storm ever. In Denmark we never have serious weather, expect for snow. Which we clean of the streets in Copenhagen and life turns back to normal on the same day the snow falls. I have only once…


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